About us

Have you already been disappointed with opening a bottle of wine too old to be truly enjoyed? Already known the frustration of not remembering the name of this wine you once enjoyed so much? The urge to serve the one wine that would enhance perfectly the meal you are enjoying? If so, De la Cav O Verre has been designed for you.

De la Cav O Verre is an easy and intuitive tool that will help any wine lover, novice or experienced, to enhance their wine collection, develop their knowledge of storage and service in order to enjoy all of their bottles at its best.

De la Cav O Verre has been conceived as an Interactive Logbook. It aims at being your best ally in the follow up, tasting and renewal of your wine collection.

With De la Cav O Verre, you can manage your wine Collection like a professional. Improve your wine knowledge on a daily basis, and always keep us nearby to help and advise you on the best service and pairing for each of your bottles.

Discover the pleasure of managing your wine collection, watch it safely ageing, and wisely prepare your next additions, combining strategy and all time favorites.

Forget your notebook. Try De la Cav O Verre.

Laurent Desbois - Funder of De la Cav O Verre