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We designed the free version for amateurs or beginners, owning or wishing to start a small wine collection.
The premium membership version will suit more expectations of enlightened wine lovers, who know their wine preferences, and already have knowledge of wines and their ageing. is the ideal tool to manage your cellar: from the entrance to the exit of your bottles.
Beginners, you will be able to start on the right track and develop your cellar without any worries to make mistakes.
Once you have achieved your first objectives, you will always have the possibility to upgrade to the Premium version, and vice versa, without losing your data.

Whether you are a longtime wine lover or beginner, if you want to make your life easier, or just learn more about your hobby, the Premium version will allow you to discover your tastes and create your ideal cellar.
Finding the right bottle at the right time, with the right dish for your guests will then be child's play.
Follow your guide, choose a bottle according to the context, your desires, and enrich your wine collection the smart way.
This version aims to help you understand and learn how to adapt your cellar to your needs, using adapted teaching tools.

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The choice is yours :

Clavelin membership : Starter package.
This version is good enough to help you manage your cellar serenely.

Premium memberships : paying offers.

Offer a membership : an original and useful gift, which will please curious and passionate wine lovers.

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