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About us

In constant evolution since its creation, DELACAVOVERRE, has developed 4 major services for all our users.

1) The Vinothèque, a tool to keep track of tasting notes.

  • For all wine lovers - with or without a registered wine cellar.
  • Keep track of all the wines you wish.
  • Easy 2-steps recording: where the wine comes from; how it has been consumed.
  • Possibility to keep track of information such as location, with or for whom, accompanying dishes, photos of the labels and personal notes.
  • Find answers with our various research and analysis tools.

2) Our core function: wine cellar management tool

  • Create your online cellar
  • Easy registration of stored wines, creation of a cellar book for each wine in order to find all the personal information, those related to the appellation and/or those provided by the winemaker*.
  • Depending on the selected offer, get access to a set of modules to follow and analyze your cellar.
  • Save in the Vinothèque all the history and information attached to each tested wine.


  • Search for any information about wines, wherever you are.
  • Create personalized wine lists to put in the Vinothèque.
  • Save your own information related to each search.
  • Access your wine lists from the Vinothèque or from the cellar.
  • Make various searches or analyses directly from the website.

4) Constant development of our database and its services

  • Increased number of estates and associated wines.
  • Development of personal pages where winemakers* can present their wines.
  • Possibility to register (in the Vinothèque or cellar), french and foreign wines not yet in our systems.
  • Increased number of other countries wines lists.
*If the winemaker is registered on our site.


The free version is intended for all wine lovers with or without a cellar at home. It gives access to the following services: "La Vinothèque" and "Un Gestionnaire de cave simplifié".

Registering for one service will automatically grant you access to the other one, as both services are linked and complementary.

A few examples of interlinked usage of our 2 services:

I have just finished the last bottle of one of my favorite wines - when I remove it from my cellar, all the information goes to the Vinothèque and will remain listed there.

I buy 3 bottles of wine at the wine shop: 2 for friends, 1 that I intend to keep. I can save them all at once in the Vinotheque: 3 bought and one kept. I find all my information in my cellar (simple storage space even a temporary or room or cabinet ...) When I will remove this last one from "my cellar", all 3 will appear in the Vinotheque.

Modules common to both services:

  • Easily create your wine lists in the Vinothèque and/or in the cellar (Site and Appli.).
  • keep track of your notes for each wine (in which can be added entries, exits, prices, number, buying place, labels pictures and your comments...).
  • The graphical evolution of your cellar/vinotheque.
  • A search by category of food/wine and wine/food pairings.
  • A search for the classification of vintages (from mediocre to exceptional year).
  • A search for guests (Who, when, with what wine, what food).
  • A search for wines offered or received (To whom, for whom, for what occasion).
  • The list of Top/Flop of my wines.

Modules for the cellar management tool::

  • The financial value of the cellar according to the purchase price of your wines.
  • A colour code indicating the wine status (To keep, to drink or at risk) related to the vintage and the date.
  • A summary table of all wines status present in cellar.
  • A proposed forecast of future purchases based on past consumption and preferences.

And many more services to discover.


Wake up the sommelier in you.

This version of DELACAVOVERRE aims at helping wine lovers who already have a wine cellar to manage it proactively.

Managing is not simply collecting bottles, but also knowing and managing your stock, following your consumptions to be able to analyze, confirm or discover the evolution of your taste and being able to anticipate future purchases.

DELACAVOVERRE Premium offers access to enhanced versions of the modules "Wine Cellar Manager" and "La Vinothèque" and to new added services (Statistics, Top/Flop...).

DELACAVOVERRE Premium takes into account the quality of your storage place to define the forecasting tool for wines opening window, and to build a refined forecasted ventilation consumption of the different wines in your cellar.

By subscribing to the Premium option, you also have access to our “ideal cave” tool, that allows you to build your ideal cellar, and to project your future consumption and purchases.

Subscriptions for a period of:

  • 1 month at 4€
  • 6 months at 18€ or 3€ per month
  • 12 months at 28€ or 2€33 per month

If the subscription is not renewed, your account automatically switches to a free account without losing all the data entered by you. On the other hand, those linked to Premium services are stored and visible again only in the event of a subscription.


Why did we develop an app?

The application is conceived as a quick and simplified access door to our database, which also allows you to add or remove bottles from your cellar and / or keep your tasting history easily updated. You can however only access to analysis and prediction modules can only be viewed from web access.

The app and web accounts are linked: same email address, password, and the information entered can be used on both interfaces. The lists of your wines in the vinotheque or in the cellar can therefore be consulted at any time from the app or website.

Free Premium
Start your WineCollection LogBook
Manage your Wine Collection
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20 bottles or more
Start to keep your Wine log book
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Become an expert
Perfect food-wine and wine-food pairings
Get stats of my wine collection to get to know my taste and cellar composition better
Unleash the true potential of your wine Collection
Trace back the memory of good times sharing a bottle

The choice is yours :

Clavelin membership : Starter package.
This version is good enough to help you manage your cellar serenely.

Premium memberships : paying offers.

Offer a membership : an original and useful gift, which will please curious and passionate wine lovers.

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