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Talking about a wine or simply presenting it to your guests, even in simple terms, is not always easy. So imagine that the winemaker* comes to your rescue. Through the presentation sheet of his wine, it is with his words that he presents you his wine.

Unknown wine in the cellar or in the wine library

+35,000 wine domains or brands, with an average of 8 to 10 different wines per year, and that's just for France. It's a challenging task to list them all, and yet, that's the goal, without forgetting about other countries.
You can still enter an unknown wine. We will make every effort to reference it as quickly as possible, although it's not always easy. However, your photos often simplify the search.
Each known domain is regularly invited to connect to our website.

Color alert of the situation of a wine

Forgetting a wine happens. And when you find it again, it's generally too late, to the point where you hesitate to open it. With the systems implemented by, you can identify the wines to consume as a priority, using colors corresponding to each wine situation and the ability to sort them.
When the winemaker fills out the wine's profile, the years for opening and aging are notified to you if you have that wine in your cellar.

Comparator or quality search for Vintages

Before buying a wine or choosing to open it, the vintage comparison tool is a welcome help. Be careful, the quality of a year, average of the wine region is only ONE criterion and not THE criterion to decide, the most important always remaining the tasting.

Compare different vintages of wine from the Top-Flop Premium

This service allows you to classify your tasted wines from your cellars or from the Vino cellar according to countries, regions, types of wines or estates. You can follow a particular wine from a domain and compare your tasting score over the years.

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