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Managing one's cellar is not only collecting bottles, but also knowing the qualities of the cellar, mastering one's stock, following one's consumption to be able to analyze, confirm or discover the evolution of one's tastes and being able to anticipate future purchases.

Objectives :

  • No more lost bottles
  • Always serve the right wine at the right time to match the dish(es)
  • Always take pleasure in tasting

Create your cellar and its locations

Before entering your wines, easily create the locations of your cellar (Storage and/or serving cabinet, cellar), it will be easier to store them as you enter them.
Quickly find the wine you are looking for from the wine cellar book or from the module "Store bottle(s).
Free version: 1 cellar and 150 slots.
Premium version: Unlimited number of cellars and their locations.


By cellar and by period, follow all the movements of your cellar. Each day there is a movement, the logbook of the day shows you the totals of the different movements (bought, consumed,...), the wine(s) consumed and/or bought. (purchased, consumed,...), the wine(s) consumed and/or purchased.

Consideration of cellar quality

For the conservation of your wines, the quality of your cellar is essential. So, we remind you the criteria to evaluate it.
In the Premium version, we take into account the quality of your cellars to propose you the tasting years of each wine.

Ideal Cellar

Know how to anticipate future needs, especially if you always want wines ready to drink.
Based on the average consumption of past years (wait at least 1 year to have the first annual consumption), and the desired cellar objective to determine future needs.

Opening-Guard Projection Premium

In Premium, we offer you a breakdown by wine taking into account the quality of your cellar but also the years of opening and storage of this one. This is only a proposal that you can of course modify at any time but which has the advantage of giving you a global vision of your cellar in time.

Statistics (Premium Access)

The Statistics module allows you to analyze your preferences according to according to various criteria of purchase or consumption but also to identify the habits that we take without without realizing it. (Always choose the same region, the same type of wine and forget about other wines)